Food, fun and a little bit of history


If you're looking for a uniquely local experience in Singapore, you've found it! Our popiah tour combine food with fun, then wrap everything up with a touch of history because deep down, we're all cultured people.

Min. Pax: 10

Duration:  45 min

Time Slot: 10.00 am / 4.00 pm

Popiah is an iconic Singapore street food that has been a local favourite throughout the generations. Although it looks similar to a wrap or burrito at first glance, popiah is rolled up with a much thinner piece of dough skin that accentuates the flavors of its ingredients within.

In this workshop, we hand-make popiah skin the traditional way, which involves taming a fickle dollop of dough and successfully cooking popiah skin instead of our own. After a demonstration by the popiah masters, you’re more than welcomed to try your hand at this time-honored craft yourself!

This tour also includes a history of popiah and our heritage. We are the pioneers of popiah in Singapore and have been serving this local delight for more than 80 years. Different techniques of the trade were honed and passed down by our forefathers to ensure that the popiah you eat today is as good as the one created 8 decades ago.

After the history lesson, everyone is invited to wrap their own popiah with our prepared ingredients. Some of the ingredients, like crispy fritters and sauces, are home-made recipes that cannot be found anywhere else. Although there’s an established method of wrapping popiah, there’s no hard and fast rule to it which means there’s no way of getting it wrong. Wrap your popiah the traditional way.. or not! The only rules here are the ones you set.

Kindly note that the minimum number of visitors for this tour to happen is 10. Feel free to drop us an email if you’ve got any questions about the tour : )

Popiah Skin-making Demonstration

Tour demo.jpg

The art of making popiah skin is a fast disappearing skill in modern Singapore.


Watch our 2nd and 3rd generation popiah skin-makers perform their magic on hot pans that heat up to 200 ⁰c.

History of Popiah and Kway Guan Huat

Tour history.jpg

Popiah is a classic yet versatile dish that originates in China and spread throughout South-east Asia with the Chinese diaspora in 20th century.


Be regaled by the fascinating history of this comfort food, as well as the story of our 80-year-old heritage that is a part of it.

Hands-on Interactive Activities

whack - jamus ed.jpg

Evoke the chef in you by mixing our modified 'play-dough' using traditional tools and technique.


If you feel up to it, you can even try whirling a blob of ‘play-dough’ like the popiah master nobody knows you are.

DIY Popiah Wrapping Session

Tour wrap.jpg

Plop your favourite ingredients onto a popiah skin and roll it all up into a bundle.


Wrap your popiah the traditional way.. or not! The only rules here are the ones you set.

Kindly contact Vicky at vq9597@gmail.com for tour bookings.

We apologize that some activities in the tours may be unavailable due to the current Covid19 situation.