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A brand new place with the good, old taste


For those not in the know, Joochiat Popiah Restaurant is up and running! Apart from our signature Do-It-Yourself popiah sets served claypot style, we also offer delectable local zichar dishes here, prepared by an executive chef with decades of culinary experience under his belt.

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While our traditional popiah with seafood filling is still available, we have added some twists to an old favourite such as the new chicken and lobster sets, among others. Also, we waded into uncharted waters in popiah skin experimentation and came up with two new flavors - pandan and sesame.

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Fresh produce from the ocean are cooked in a wide variety of styles so you're sure to find a taste to your liking.

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Whether the serving comes as one whole chicken or diced cubes, you can be sure that our meat are always well done. We also offer tasty vegetable dishes that compel kids to eat their greens gladly.

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Don't miss our uniquely prepared Hokkien Fried Rice, a refreshing take on the typical fried rice we're all familiar with. Finally, any feast worth it's chow ought to be washed down with a savory bowl of soup and for that, we have several options for you to choose from.

Eager to try out the new dishes? You can order our zichar cuisine here. Kindly note that all online orders will need to be made at least one day in advance.

Alternatively, you can call 6970 9360 to reserve a table today! Our restaurant is open from 11.30am - 2pm (last order), 6pm - 9pm daily EXCEPT Monday.

We regret to inform you that due to Covid19 precautions, our Do-It-Yourself claypot popiah sets will not be available at our restaurant for the time being. Sorry for any dashed expectations : (

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